Third Party Risk Management

Pinpointing third party risks

Risk Imperium’s comprehensive Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) framework addresses strategy, structure, people, process and technology issues across the TPRM lifecycle, helping your organisation to:
  • Assess your current environment.
  •  Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of vendor- related   risk management.
  •  Develop a customized TPRM framework.
  •  Develop a risk stratification protocol to highlight risks by          vendor.
  •  Implement and conduct effective TPRM activities, such as   vendor assessments.
  •  Establish a comprehensive TPRM governance and reporting   process.

Our TPRM team understands vendor risk.  We help clients prevent or recover from third party-related disruptions.  And we’re ready to help you implement a TPRM program that will strengthen your position and build more effective partnerships that protect your brand and business.

When you outsource operations, risk and compliance remain your responsibility.  Don’t be blindsided by a third party’s inadequacies. Start the discussion today on how to protect your company.